Here we are in February and that means one thing to most of us, Valentines Day.  Whether you are in to it or not there is no getting away from it.  As soon as the Christmas cakes and mince pies were off the shelves, then Chocolates and cute bears were everywhere.

So what is your status?  Young and single and hoping that that special person who you have been stalking on Instagram or awkwardly smiling at down the town or at work, is going to send you an enormous bunch of red roses and a slushy card or are you in a relationship and this is going to be your first Valentines and you are hoping they are going to pull out all the stops and impress you with a meal, flowers, fizz, the works or are you married and it is just another ritual you go through because you think you should.

On the other hand you may be with the most romantic person ever who needs no prompting and surprises you every year with some new and romantic.  But you could be with that person who really doesn’t give a fig and can’t see what all the fuss is about, or is that you?

What ever your take or you thoughts on it, it is on February 14th every year, no really it is.  Florists will be stocking up and working extra hours, restaurants will be advertising their little socks off and whacking an extra £50 on just because they can and card shops and supermarkets will be bursting at the seams with all the cards, balloons, teddies, chocolate hearts and fake roses.  I guess someone benefits.

Me?  oh, I normally get some flowers, never roses, and maybe a card if Mr F. has remembered.  I will get him a card, not too gushy, and will cook one of his favourite meals. We will say happy Valentines to each other and then carry on as normal.  It’s ok, I can’t justify paying more for my meal out just because it is the 14th February, it is on a week day too so we have to work, and he is probably on a late shift anyway, and we treat each other all year round.

Whatever your thoughts and whatever you do, keep smiling, be kind and enjoy February 14th.

Pssst, It’s pancake day next