Jacqui at the Greengrocers Whether you are already a vegetarian or not, next week is a great way to try out some new recipes. When you mention a vegetarian meal to a meat eating person, they say, oh no I like my meat I couldn’t eat vegetarian. But what does that mean? Meat eaters eat vegetables and salad, well most, I do know some people that will only eat peas. Well they are green and classed as a vegetable. So eating more and different vegetables along with different grains and pulses shouldn’t be a big deal, right? It really is a mind set thing. Just because there isn’t a piece of meat on the plate doesn’t mean that it is not a complete meal.

It is even suggested that we should all have at least one meat free day in our weekly diets to allow us to have a healthy balanced diet. If we looked at our meals as just that, meals, and not what whether they have meat, potatoes and vegetables on the plate, we could maybe overcome the mind block of thinking that a plate of vegetables is not a meal. But there it is, I said a plate of vegetables! That is what non vegetarians think that vegetarians eat. Wrong! vegetarian meals can be really tasty. Full of flavour and colour, and if like me you like to eat with your eyes first, then vegetarian meals will certainly get you drooling.

Carrot & sweet potato soup

With vibrant red, yellow and orange peppers, bright red beefy tomatoes, green leafed vegetables, orange, white and purple carrots, deep purple onions and beetroot, orange coloured sweet potato and butternut squash, you can see how you can have a plateful of tasty colour. Experiment with herbs and spices, pickles and dressings, there are so many ways to pack flavour into your meals too.

If you are thinking of becoming vegetarian, either for health or ethical reasons, you will need to consider how to balance your meals so you get the right nutrients that your body needs. You will to make sure that you get your proteins, carbs and vitamins. Proteins can be found in nuts, beans, pulses and dairy. Your carbohydrates come from bread, potatoes, grains and cereals, whilst a good balance of vitamins comes from your fruit and vegetables.

Ricotta stuffed peppers

Whatever your preference it is Vegetarian Week so why not give it a go, you could surprise yourself and find a whole new weekly menu and foods that you haven’t tried before.

To help inspire you here is the link to the National Vegetarian Week page https://www.nationalvegetarianweek.org/

Check out our vegetarian recipes at www.confidentcooking.net