It’s Live

OMG, finally after many months of planning the new website is now live! I am so excited yet nervous at the same time. What if no one likes it, what if no one signs up, these are the concerns and nags I have. But, I know that what I have to offer is going to be right up someones street, just what someone has been waiting for to make their life that bit easier. And that is what I want, to make your life easier.
There is so much going on in our lives these days, so much expectations on us as a parent or partner in running a home that we often find the most convenient and quickest way to achieve that. But it is not always the way we want and we become frustrated that we are not living the life that WE expect for ourselves and our family.
So if I can help in any way by giving you a helping hand in the kitchen, I will. If that is providing meal ideas, recipes that are easy to do, and by that I mean no fancy ingredients, no soaking it for 24hrs before you use it and no hiking through the fields to find it, I will. I can plan your meals for you to take away the stress of thinking what you can do each day. The meal plans you can use as they are or use them to trigger your own ideas or refer to them when you need inspiration. I will also be doing step by step visual guides on how to make certain meals, getting rid of complicated terminology and just being practical and basic.
After all, I am a mum, I am a wife and I have worked 9-5 while doing this. It is now my time to help the rest of you realize that by getting back to basics and having practical guidance, you can fulfill part of your expectations.
I can’t make you extra money or provide that luxury holiday but I can provide you with tasty, wholesome, easy to do family meals.

Until next time…………..Happy cooking