Confident Cooking has now been up and running for a week now.  How are we doing?  Ok.  Like all new ventures it takes a while to gain momentum unless you are really lucky and it takes off at warp speed and the world can’t get enough of you.  To be honest, unless you are a high profile reality celebrity, that is unlikely.  Maybe I should get one of the Kardashian’s to stand in my kitchen modeling one of my aprons while seductively licking a wooden spoon or Tom Hardy whipping up an omelette… guess not, lets keep it real huh.

We have some sign ups which is encouraging and the meal plans are being sent out which means I am creating more meal ideas for you all to try out on your lovely families.  As we go through the year then the menus and recipes will change with the seasons.  I can’t wait until the summer because I just love putting together salad combinations and I have so many ideas old and new to share with you.

In the mean time, please keep browsing the recipes, give me feed back and don’t forget to check out our facebook group Cook, Chat & Share

Until next time……Happy Cooking

Jacky x